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Bloom™ | We'll make your week better. Promise

Bloom™ | We'll make your week better. Promise

. 3 min read

Is this the week you start working on that thesis? Or finally take up master classes? Heck, even if you just get out of that couch, we’re proud of you.

Mondays are tough—even tougher when you can't catch the blues on your way out. But that’s what we’re here for. Take a break, scroll through some stories, and ease into the week.

Yeah, there are a lot of ways to stay busy at home. But we want to keep you informed, entertained, and well-fed too. That’s why we’re kicking off your week with another list of Bloom Bites.

Bloom™ Bites

  1. Caffeine with Care: Are you new to making your own coffee? A) What took you so long? B) You’re going to need this guide.
  2. So That’s Where Guacamole Comes From: Learn about the ‘weird lives’ of avocados, as told by a master gardener.
  3. Instant Wine: Apparently the Instant Pot (yes, the kitchen appliance you use to cook beans) can make wine. Real wine. That you can drink. Take that.
  4. Another trend that’s growing? Growing (your own food, that is). If you’ve ever wanted to tend to a garden in your backyard, now is definitely the time.

Never Underestimate A Great Sandwich

Look, we love your kitchen as much as the next email in your inbox. Heck, we’ll chop the onions, pill the garlic, or make it all exciting with the aroma of fresh cookies from the oven(if you have one of those).

But there comes a time in a person’s life when they need a kitchen break, and that’s where our good buddy sandwich comes in. When lunchtime rolls around, there’s always only one clear option, the almighty sandwich. Two pieces of bread and a little imagination—that’s all it takes to make a memorable midday meal.

Sandwich should definitely be on your list of things to eat this week. It’s filling, you don't have all the (perfect)ingredients to make it, and it's ready to be delivered. Here’s a roundup of some of our faves:

  • Subway cranks out some of the most famous Fresh sandwiches in the world. We love the BMT Sub made with beef pepperoni, beef salami, smoked turkey, house pickles, spicy mustard, and white cheddar.
  • Good news, ice cream can be made into a sandwich too—like the ones served up at CREAMY INN. You can customize the Spinnas of your dreams but we recommend Spinna Oreo with Barone and Nuts.

Surviving Social Life Post Quarantine

The human mind is very adept at labeling. Left to its own devices, it will label situations, things, places, and people. It's a pretty handy app. Except when it comes to people. Over time those labels tend to solidify. They become all we can see. They become what we experience.

The true depth of a person, the breathtaking miracle of their very existence, is replaced with a word. A sound. An assemblage of vowels and consonants. Ink or digital letters on paper or screen

Which is why when we all get back out there, we should try to look at people and see them, witness them if you will, without immediately attaching a mental label. This will especially be fun to do in a public place. After a few minutes of practicing nonjudgemental looking, you'll find your heart filling with affection for total strangers. It will be an extraordinary experience.

We encourage you to try it when all these quarantine period is behind our backs. Be warned though, when you feel affection and can't stop smiling, it may cause total strangers to react fearfully.

Keeping Deliveries and Pickup Safe

  • See our non-contact measures ensuring safe and convenient delivery to the door.
  • Stay up to date with the latest advice from the CDC Africa.
  • Wash your hands while Social Distancing.