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We've made it simpler to join Ayazona as a Seller Partner.

We've made it simpler to join Ayazona as a Seller Partner.

. 2 min read

We're delighted to share that we just released new updates that makes it even easier to join and start selling on Ayazona.

Prior to these new updates, it took a bit longer to learn of your application status, a process that took us several days and sometimes a whole week to fully process.

So whats new?

Well, now all it takes is 1 minute and 1 form to have your account ready.

How long is the onboarding process?

Ayazona Merchant Partner onboarding begins within 1 business day of signing your agreement.

Please note that it takes approximately 1–2 business days to update your listing once we receive all of your information (you will have the ability to make edits). Part of the onboarding process will require you setting up your Partner Dashboard, including your menu and payment information.

We will set up your store within 3 business days of signing your partnership agreement, and you'll receive an email notification once it’s complete.

What are some of the benefits of working with Ayazona?

  1. Get access to tools & data, which you can use to run your own promotions and target the right customer.

2. Let your digital storefront make the first impression. From an order being placed to the food being delivered, Ayazona will support you every step of the way, to make sure your customer has the best experience.

3. Grow your sales and become a favorite. With Ayazona, you can take orders either by using our own rider network or your own delivery fleet. This allows you to reach more customers, more often.

...saving the best for last...

5. Working with Ayazona, you'll be directly making an impact while helping build a sustainable African communities. Through our Ayazona Ignite program, you can help pioneer the fight towards eliminating food wastes while helping feed every member of the community especially those facing financial challenges.


Do you own a small baking or groceries shop? Or maybe you are just running a small baking sale from your kitchen? We are here for you, let us help you build a virtual storefront and make your items available to everyone.

We handle every detail - from carefully vetting our drivers to ensuring your product is delivered in a fresh and timely fashion

Visit the Merchant Help Center to learn more about getting started with Ayazona.

Thank you for reading :)