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Making Support the Core of Ayazona

Making Support the Core of Ayazona

. 2 min read

Ayazona’s mission is to make on-demand delivery across Africa personal — in an era of online interactions between businesses, customers, and courier services, that sense of personal connection can be easily lost.

That personal connection is most keenly felt when things go wrong and when the customer needs help. We have become synonymous with making personal and designed communication the bedrock of our on-demand delivery platform. At the heart of that reputation is our belief that great support is about more than just answering phone calls from distressed customers and telling them “sorry”.

We understand that putting customers’ needs front and center is essential to customer retention, it also creates trust and reliability, between the partners and fleets.

After meeting so many restaurant owners, what has stood out to us is how powerful good customer service and support can be for businesses looking to expand — especially smaller businesses where our platform acts as a “leveler” that helps them better compete against retail and chain store behemoths.

We have made it our business to offer a platform that cares for everyone, the merchants, the customers and our fleet, that’s why we decided to make a big deal out of our support channels.

Most errors and delays in deliveries stem from the lack of information of how the system works, lack of enough training, disconnect between the involved parties.


We are always delighted and celebrate each time a new customer starts using Ayazona, that’s why we‘ve made sure that whenever you need our support with your order or simply need help with using Ayazona. You can now learn more about Customer Service HERE


For our partner merchants, we have answered most common questions about partnering with Ayazona. You can now learn more about Merchant Service HERE


Our fleet are the corner stone of our customer success, and for that we really value their input and we ensure that their safety and flow of information is seamless. Are you a fleet member and need help, learn more here

We’re still in the very early innings of this process. The on-demand space is poised for explosive growth in Africa in the next few years, not only because of how consumer preferences are changing — but because the value proposition to merchants is unbeatable.