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Introducing the new Ayazona experience

Something exciting is coming up, internally we call it Ayazona v1.0.

Something exciting is coming up, internally we call it Ayazona v1.0.

And we’re excited to share with you a teaser of the new Ayazona experience we've been actively working on to create a more seamless experience and to make it faster and easier for you to get affordable food, groceries and essential items you love.

We are up to something we are excited about...

We’re just getting started on this journey of building for tomorrow and there’s much coming up: all round essentials shopping, groceries on the go, improved smarter menus, improved order tracking, faster; smarter experience on the web, personalized items recommendations, fast ordering experience for when you are so hungry, drinks? yes that too, loyalty program, saving favorite restaurants/orders, and finally the official iOS app.

We could say ‘That’s all!’, but it really isn’t so keep an eye for even more exciting items coming up!

The best way to end this teaser is to say a special thank you for using Ayazona and for all your feedback. We are constantly improving our services to make your eating experience as best as it is affordable. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know.


Using technology to make access to food more affordable for everyone.