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Introducing Pickup on Ayazona

Introducing Pickup on Ayazona

. 1 min read

Time is precious and it's not meant to be used standing in line waiting for your order.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce Pickup on Ayazona, our next step towards added convenience, affordability and efficiency in everyday life.

Order as fast as 8 minutes ahead, skip the line, and pick up instantly. Getting your cup of coffee, lunch, or dinner on-the-go has never been more affordable and seamless.

Pickup is now available in Nairobi.

How it works

Ayazona allows you to easily toggle between Delivery and Pickup options during the checkout. For anyone who want their order ready the moment they walk through the door. Skip the line and get on your way.

The whole process is simple:

  1. Choose your restaurant and meal
  2. Select Pickup or Delivery option at checkout
  3. In the restaurant, skip the line and grab your order to go

Ready to order?

Try Pickup on the web or download the Ayazona app for Android and on iOS(coming soon). There are always better things to do with your time than waiting in line.