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The Bloom™ | Feel Good Saturday

The Bloom™ | Feel Good Saturday

. 2 min read

Hello friends, and those of us who missed the morning workout. Welcome back to Ayazona Bloom™.

Dive right in to stories about small businesses, distractions worth being distracted by, and food news that will put you in a good mood.

So stay where you are (because it's responsible to) and give it a read (because it's different from anything out there).


  1. Carrot greens don't get enough play. Try regrowing vegetables from the comfort of your windowsill.
  2. Keep smiling: Because it brightens the room when everyone does it. (For some reason this is still here, 🤗)
  3. Write a letter(s) (on actual paper with actual pens and pencils) to your future self.
  4. Get all dressed up and host your own fancy tea party (be sure to invite the pets and stuffed animals).

Hey, the workweek is over👏 and it's time for you to WFH (weekend from home). These days, you have to close the laptop and actively make the decision to have a weekend.

What's the future of words?

I like words. I like the way they sound, I like their subtle shades of meaning, their power, and most particularly, their ancient roots, their origins.

For example, I am more fascinated with the rather routine word 'miscellaneous'. To begin with, it really sound great. Miscellaneous. I dare you to say it out loud and not smile. Plus you just forget its meaning and have fun with it. "Miscellaneous, miss a lot."  

How did micere become miscellaneous? Whose idea was it to drop the "ere" and add the "ellaneous"? And why? So many questions...

A side of distraction

Sometimes when I go past a small retail establishment that is going out of business, I'm struck by an overpowering wave of sadness. I can't help but imagine what the persons involved must have felt like when they opened the doors for the first time. The sense of excitement and hope that came after that first sale. The feeling that their fledgling, street-front enterprise was the beginning of a brighter future.

Anyways, I guess that's the reason I've always preferred to pay a few more bucks and buy something from a struggling mom and pop shop. Plus they just make that street corner more family friendly.

Keeping Deliveries and Pickup Safe

  • See our non-contact measures ensuring safe and convenient delivery to the door.
  • Stay up to date with the latest advice from the CDC Africa.
  • Wash your hands while Social Distancing.

Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses who are working hard to keep us all healthy💌.