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Donicah's is now on Ayazona

Donicah's is now on Ayazona

. 1 min read

We are all about food affordability and partner-growth here at Ayazona and we love to celebrate every single partner we onboard, so we’re excited to announce that Ayazona is now delivering freshly squeezed healthy drinks from Donicah's.

Need to refresh your day with a healthy drink? Look no further... Try Donicah's nutritious strawberry party punch smoothie or avocado mint, (my favorite😋)among other healthy drinks.

To nurture you health just a little bit more, this March, 2020, enjoy free delivery on every order to satisfy your healthy needs.

"If eating is important for health, drinking is just as, if not more important. Welcome to Donicah's where we use fruit and certified organic vegetables to freshly process, package and serve, using the finest technology and within hygienic environment, nutritious drinks to help boost your health" ~ Donicahs

To order, download the Ayazona App or go to Ayazona Website