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Bloom™ | How to have the best weekend from home.

Bloom™ | How to have the best weekend from home.

. 3 min read

Guess what? The weekend is already here.

That’s a big deal.

So put down your secondary device and have a read, because these lil' tidbits made it to your inbox for a reason. Think of this issue as a quick guide to your weekend. It's got the perfect balance of light news and hypnotizing brain teasers—plus some Bloom Bites.

Bloom™ Bites

  1. Art From Home: What happens to street art when you can’t go to the street?
  2. A 5 minutes Can-Do Attitude: Check out how to prepare a 5 minute dinner tonight....kind of.
  3. Take A Break, Pal. Switching from your weekday schedule to a carefree weekend vibe when you never really left the house for a whole week can be confusing—so ensure to put your secondary device away  and have a relaxed Saturday. You can add this to your to-do list (if you have one of those).
  4. Treat yourself to something tasty from the local restaurants by #OrderLocal.

During this thoroughly wild time, people want normal, so as we settle into the new realities of social distancing, we should be there for each other evermore, –for your friends, those in need, our heroes at the hospital helping stay safe, and local businesses.

How to have the best weekend, this weekend.

Photo by Sincerely Media / Unsplash

Remember how we've always been told that if you change your mind, you change the world - or at least the way you experience it? Let's take a moment to experience that. The presumption is, if you thought the world was a hostile, ugly place filled with awful things, that is what you'd see.

Our minds would naturally seek out confirmation for its preconceived ideas (e.g., if you're intent on buying a red car, as you go about your day, you'll see lots of red cars).

If, however you were able to sincerely change your mind and see that all God created was a perfect universe with the most beautiful creatures, and landscapes, then that is the soul-shaking reality you'd be greeted with  each and every moment of each and every day.

In other words, it is entirely our choice as to what kind of world we live in, or what kind of weekend we get to have this weekend. With a simple decision, we can suffer in the darkness or play in the light. We can be angry, frightened, or loving, joyous and free. I know...

So if all you see is food, then you are probably hungry, get some by clicking the button below.


An astronaut workout

instagram @good.citizen
Photo by Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

They say you learn something new every day, and if you are anything like us, you should've learnt by now that working out while you're staying in might not be at the top of your to-do list, neither does walking from your bed to the couch count as an exercising routine.

For some inspiration, we can all turn to the masters of isolation: astronauts. Being trapped up in space comes with all sorts of challenges, but they still manage to get a great cardiovascular workout thanks to custom built exercise equipment, as seen in this video by Jessica Meir, a NASA Astronaut.

Keeping Deliveries and Pickup Safe

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  • Wash your hands while Social Distancing.