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Bloom™ | A Delightful Bite🍪

Bloom™ | A Delightful Bite🍪

. 3 min read

Hello people who spend way too much time on the couch (especially yesterday).

It's time for something to help you push through the rest of the week—and that means a brand new Ayazona Bloom™. So take a deep breath, find your spot, and give us a read.

Who says you can’t have the best week ever from your couch? Not us.

There’s a decent chance you’ve run out of ideas for things to do at home, we’ve got you. Check out today's Bloom™ Bites roundup.

Bloom™ Bites

  1. Is there someone you want to celebrate for being #HealthCareHero? Just use the hashtag on Social Media and let them know.
  2. How Dalgona Coffee is Made: It takes no cooking skills, water, instant coffee, sugar and cream. Here’s how it happens.
  3. Like You Never Left: If you’re Working From Home and miss being in the office, you’ll find some comfort in this background noise.
  4. Go ahead, re-paint your dresser, sew yourself a new purse, turn that empty wine bottle into a vase.

Oh and before we forget, a quick reminder here; ensure to drink at least 6 glasses of water today, we have a feeling you always forget about that. Even better, get to 8.

Try this at home

More time at home sure made everyone pick up new hobbies pretty freaking fast. Binge watching is on the rise (sorry, we had to). Listen, this is the best time to also break through your meditation practice. It's the best way to achieve some level of equanimity in the midst of 2020 as we know it.

We understand that the purpose of meditation is not to  "clear the mind". The purpose is to simply become aware of it without judgement. Thoughts come and go like clouds moving across an open sky. The nature of the mind is to create clouds, and the nature of self being the sky. When viewed this way, it's easy to look past the illusion of separateness and see how we are one. After all how many skies are there?

Resting in this awareness brings peace.

Then a cloud called "The landlord is about to call you" floats by.

Then one called "How did I score 1008110590? I should probably call ZUKU"

Then one called "Is my dog going deaf or is he just ignoring me?"

Then one called "Is mom okay?"

Then.... Breath. One Sky.

It's Always Time to Eat

Such a great day for a special treat after Zooming all day. So give yourself a treat, whether it's a second breakfast, lunch, dinner, or second dinner. Whatever you’re craving can be delivered right to your door. Next time you’re hungry(which is probably now), just #OrderLocal.


Keeping Deliveries and Pickup Safe

  • See our non-contact measures ensuring safe and convenient delivery to the door.
  • Stay up to date with the latest advice from the CDC Africa.
  • Wash your hands while Social Distancing.