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Africa Startups: Our Actions Are Our Future

Africa Startups: Our Actions Are Our Future

. 2 min read

Why Africa should build its own domestic markets before opening its markets to the world.

All industrialized countries were only able to grow into economic heavy weights because they initially threw big barriers to foreign competition, a fact that is conveniently forgotten nowadays when speaking of free trade in the modern era. Without economic protection, most EU countries would never have turned into the the industrial powerhouses they are today.

I believe deeply in the importance of a connected world. Ayazona was founded on the need to connect Africa with the emerging possibilities — easier evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities.

What’s very important is that here in Africa, we believe that we have an ethical responsibility to build our own industries and not just seek to use our borrowing and purchasing power to enjoy things brought to us from the world markets.

Like most, Africa needs to take the risk and turn its market into a reality while navigating the challenges involved with the process. You cannot build a strong business from scratch without some tolerance for risk. From the mobile devices that connect us to the world, to the way we shop online or navigate directions — all of these inventions took shape by taking a risk on a kernel of an idea that today has expanded most economies. Such innovations would not exist without risks, positive protection with sustainability, and inclusivity.

In fact, Africa doesn’t need donors, it needs protection while it’s industries grow, and only when that happens will the current crisis of migrants to Europe searching for a better life finally slow, instead we will start seeing more Africans start moving back home to help boost its economy, something that is currently widely evident in Cameroon.

It is evident to myself and the team at Ayazona that technology, and the startup eco-system has an important role to play in this. We recognize that growing Africa’s economy is a tremendous task that cannot be tackled alone. Today, more than 1Billion Africans go to bed hungry every night. That is why we support organizations that are leaders and pioneers in building and providing real solutions to the economic growth across Africa by providing opportunities.

We are stronger as a continent, more capable of addressing the challenges of our lifetime shoulder to shoulder with the best and brightest our community has to offer.